Our Family in Fiji

Born in India, we are prepared to go to Fiji, or, if you please,

to Natal to dig the mines.

We are prepared to suffer there,

But Brothers! Don’t make us agriculturalists here!

Indian Song

David’s printed family history book OUR FAMILY IN FIJI was written in 2021 and follows his family over a few remarkable generations, beginning in rural India in the late nineteenth century and ending in 1950s Great Britain, via unforgettable experiences in the South Pacific.

Focusing on Ganga Prasad’s vibrant early life in Fiji, New Zealand and Australia, as well as other relatives such as Gurdin, whose astounding journey as an indentured worker at the hands of the British Empire brought the family to Fiji in the first place, the book is both an enthralling adventure and a stirring tribute to family members whose stories are uncovered here for the first time.

The book can be ordered directly from David as an e-book or printed version. Please send a message via the contact form on the website to receive your copy!